New web EIA21

Nueva Web EIA21

We are pleased to announce that we have just published our new website, much more intuitive and user-friendly.


This new website includes all the information about our services, numerous new features and improvements in design, navigation, content and technology.


With the aim of offering a more current space we have opened a section of news in our new blog. This section will be updated with information from the Engineering sector in all its disciplines: Processes, Pipes, Support, Stress, Equipment, Instrumentation, Control, Civil Works, Structures, Electromechanics, Electricity and CAD, as well as the newsletter that will provide useful information on topics with a high degree of interest for our users and customers who increasingly demand more.


New Corporate Image

Also, as a symbol of a new stage in EIA21, we have renewed our corporate identity and are committed to the integral improvement of our solutions, digitalization and international growth.


This renewed visual identity is also accompanied by the launch of other communication channels with the update of our Linkedin profile, where we will be sharing our updates, as well as new job offers.


We invite you to browse our website and familiarize yourself with all the new features that we offer:


Towards a Less Emissions Economy

Reducción de emisiones CO2

Greenhouse gas emissions are a ubiquitous concern for most industries and countries.


However, despite the efforts that public and private entities are making in this regard, Spain remains on the tail in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


In recent years, EIA 21 is fully available and able to develop projects free of CO 2 emissions .


Among the activities of EIA 21 is:

  • identify the objectives of environmental improvement in the industrial sectors,
  • analyze the mechanisms used to reduce emissions,
  • and thus increase the energy efficiency of our customers.


In short, EIA 21 manages projects that are sustainable for the environment.