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Based on the information provided by the Feasibility Study of the project and the Conceptual Engineering data, Basic Engineering is prepared. Basic Engineering is also called Basic Project or Preliminary Project. Basic Engineering is the set of documents that unequivocally define the project and its most favourable cost in a given environment.

Therefore, this initial phase of the project, carried out by EIA21, aims to define the basic lines of the project. In this way, EIA21 provides the promoter with the necessary information to make the decision to carry out the project or to paralyse it. In addition, the scope and definition of Basic Engineering must be such that the engineering team can take from it all the necessary data to carry out the detailed calculation of components and parts and to finish the project with guarantees of success.

The objectives of the Basic Engineering phase are:

  • Select the most suitable solution.
  • Develop and define the optimal solution.
  • Improve previous designs.
  • Know the profitability of the project.

In this phase of the project, in contrast to Conceptual Engineering, we no longer use estimative values but technological and economic approaches, qualitatively and quantitatively refined and exact.

Normally, most of our clients use it as a Management Document, where some parts of the project are fully developed, such as the production process and the plant distribution of an industry. However, other parts of the project can only be noted, such as the calculation of construction elements.

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