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The fundamental mission of EIA21 processes engineering is to design, start up and execute everything necessary to obtain the optimal operation of the systems to be installed in the production departments of industrial companies, in order to satisfy the required requirements.

Everything that will be required to implement a new system or process (machinery, labour, working circuit, etc.) before it is put into operation is detailed in writing.

Outstanding among the work done by processes engineers at EIA21 are the following:

  • Mass and Energy Balance Sheets
  • PFDs and P&IDs Diagrams
  • Process Calculations
  • Flow Rates, Cross-Sections, Pressure Losses, Equipment and Package Plants Capacities, Water Hammer, Safety Valves and Thermal Relief
  • Integration Engineering with other Specialties
  • Meetings HAZOP, SIL
  • Operating Manuals
  • Functional Test.



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