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For the development of Detail Engineering EIA21, it takes as its starting point the Basic Engineering documentation or the final LEF documentation, depending on the type of project.

During the execution of Detail Engineering EIA21 according to customer specifications and associated standard plans:

  • Performs mechanical diagrams of process, service, interconnections, auxiliary systems, equipment lists, line lists, check valve lists, exhaust source lists, equipment lists for fire risk assessment and analysis, equipment implantation planimetry, perimeter area planimetry, etc.
  • Prepares piping plant drawings, piping isometrics, lists and plans of connection and disconnection points, planimetry of buried systems, steam-jacketed accompaniment, pipe supports, typical assembly drawings (vents, drains, instrument connections, sampling, etc.), bills of material, model, stress and stress analysis.
  • It prepares in detail engineering with all the technical documentation necessary for the design, purchase and manufacture of pressure vessels, furnaces and flue ducts, boilers and generators.
  • Designs the atmospheric pressure tanks, pressure storage tanks, spheres and silos, as well as the project’s torch and chimney systems.
  • Check the mechanical design of heat exchangers and air coolers.
  • Manufacturing and testing of all mechanical equipment.
  • Prepares all the necessary documents and plans of the metallic structures.
  • Prepares all the necessary documents and plans, so that the civil works contractor can carry out the material and construction of the same.
  • Performs data sheets and specifications for all instruments after verification of process data.
  • It studies the existing electrical substations, adapting and carrying out the necessary modifications from the point of view of civil works.
  • It issues data sheets with specifications for all motors, transformers and other equipment and electrical equipment.
  • Carries out the design of telematic and communications systems.
    Carries out the management and assistance for the performance of safety studies required by legislation.
  • Carries out the necessary plans for the design of the fire-fighting network.
  • Prepares lists of equipment and lines to be insulated indicating the type, quality, thickness and extension of the insulation materials to be applied. It is also indicated whether the insulation is for cold, heat or personal protection.
  • Make the map of potential fire hazards. To do this, we use the lists of potential fire equipment, plans of potential fire areas, implementation plans, single line diagrams of structures, wire routing plans for both electrical and instrumentation cables and trays.
  • Prepare a painting list indicating the surface to be painted for each element.
    Complies with current noise regulations.
  • It indicates those materials or equipment that will be treated as a package unit, indicating the material scope of these.
  • Defines, requests and manages spare parts for start-up and years of operation.
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