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EIA21  is responsible for requisitioning and procurement management of 100% of the materials and equipment corresponding to the facilities designed by EIA21  or by third parties.

During purchasing management EIA21 performs the necessary reports and controls. Each EIA21‘s specialty generates the requisitions in detail and requests the necessary information from suppliers for the purchase of all material. Suppliers are instructed by EIA21 to prepare and submit bids.

In turn, EIA21 analyses and compares suppliers’ offers, preparing economic tabulation and corresponding technical reports. EIA21 then submits them to the customer for approval. In EIA21 the selection of materials and equipment is based on technical acceptability, payment terms, price and delivery time.

EIA21 issues purchase orders for the facilities designed by it, proceeding to carry out as many revisions as necessary to regularize any variation in prices, quantities, technical specifications, delivery terms, commercial conditions of payment or billing, penalties, prizes, guarantees or inclusion of new concepts such as technical assistance to assembly and commissioning, orders of change requested for construction, regularization by exchange rate of the currency and all those assigned by the EIA21.

EIA21 manages the timely collection of invoices and prepares the coordination and updating of progress reports on the supply and phase of each document. In addition, EIA21 is responsible for receiving, verifying and compiling all supplier invoices.

EIA21 develops contracts for the transport of materials and equipment from suppliers’ factories to the site.

If required by the customer, EIA21 will also purchase spare parts for the purchased equipment.


The main functions of the material procurement department of EIA21 are:

  • Control of materials: received, defective or surplus.
  • Establish short- and medium-term material requirements.
  • Preparation of material reception reports according to the orders received on site.
  • Verify that the materials are received in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  • Establish communication with material suppliers to resolve shipping problems and activate deliveries.
  • Coordinate material delivery activities.
  • Carry out the safety of the work, complying with and enforcing all the safety regulations of the Property.
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