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Oils and fats can be obtained from either vegetable or animal material.

Vegetables include almonds, hazelnuts, nuts, apricots, corn, sesame, cotton, linseed, peanuts, soybeans, olives, sunflowers, sesame, cocoa, coconut, palm, etc.

The animal material that provides fat is the fat that comes from the pig and whose fat is obtained at low T° by means of which the fat expands, breaks the membrane and comes out the fat provided by cattle, sheep and goats and that according to its quality was used in the manufacture of margarine.

The methods used to obtain these products are applied as far as possible, trying not to affect the nutritional qualities (e. g. vitamins), the seed oil can be obtained during all seasons of the year if the grain has been stored in good conditions.

At EIA21 we work to guarantee the quality of complete, turnkey production lines for the greases and oils industry.

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